6 Top Tips to Battle Maths Anxiety

Maths Anxiety

Many of us, irrespective of age or background, get anxious when even just thinking about Maths, so the first thing to realise is that you are not alone with feeling nervous about numbers. Maths anxiety can present itself in many different ways:

  • Feeling panicked or stressed
  • Feeling flustered or struggling to concentrate on a calculation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating and nausea
  • Avoiding situations which involve maths

If you’re ready to beat Maths anxiety, take a look at the following 6 tips:

Tip 1: Talk about it

Talk to others about how you feel about Maths – you might be surprised at how many others feel the exact same way.

Tip 2: Take your time

Everyone learns in their own time; it isn’t a race to the finish line

Tip 3: Set realistic goals

Set small goals alongside your big goals and improve your maths skills a little bit at a time, this will make it more manageable.

Tip 4: Challenge yourself

Change the way you think about maths, we use it every day without even realising it and this can really help with your perception of it.

Tip 5: Don’t compare

No two people are the same, we all learn in our own way and at our own pace and that is OK.

Tip 6: Pick your resources

We all learn differently, Aspire Sussex runs Maths courses that are both online and face-to-face. These courses are taught in a friendly and supportive environment by tutors experienced in helping students achieve their learning goal.

If you’re interested and ready to start your learning journey we have assessments coming up for courses starting in September. I know what you’re thinking, assessment is a scary word but trust us – it’s just for us to find out what level you are starting at to make sure you get put on the right course.

Assessment Dates

GCSE Maths:

Monday 30th May and Wednesday 22nd June

Functional Skills Maths:

Friday 10th June and Monday 1st August

To register your interest for our Functional Skills and GCSE Maths courses call us on 0345 601 0161 or email [email protected] today.

For more information visit our assessment page https://aspiresussex.org.uk/student-support/assessments/ or to learn more about our Maths courses visit https://aspiresussex.org.uk/topic/maths/

Centre Closures and Courses Cancelled – 18th Feb 2022

Due to todays Red Weather warning, we have taken the decision to close all Aspire Centres today and all face-to-face courses across the county have been cancelled and all students are being notified.

If your class is due to run online today it will still be going ahead but you will be notified if this changes.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Ways To Access Learning

Your Learning, Your Way.

At Aspire Sussex, we’re passionate about ensuring that everyone, no matter what their starting point, circumstances or location, has the opportunity to access learning to improve their lives. Whether you chose to learn for personal development, career progression or wellbeing, we are proud to be able to offer a range of options to help how and where you learn. The three main learning routes that we can offer to support learning are as follows:

Alongside your tutor and classmates in person

At Aspire Sussex, we pride ourselves on providing classroom based learning that supports people in our communities across West Sussex and surrounding areas. We offer our own dedicated delivery centres in Bognor Regis, Burgess Hill, Chichester, Crawley and Worthing, equipped to deliver the full range of courses we offer. In addition, to ensure everyone has access to learning no matter where they live, we also deliver courses in community centres, schools, churches, workplaces and business parks. Our classroom delivery provides the opportunity to not only learn new skills but to also develop your social networks, meet likeminded individuals with a shared passion, and have direct debate and discussion with expert, qualified tutors.

Learn Online through the Aspire Cloud

The Aspire Cloud is our bespoke online learning platform that provides you, your fellow students and our tutors a place to meet, learn and collaborate on work and study from your screen at home or wherever you can connect through the internet. For those new to learning online, we’ve created useful guides and resources to help you get onto your course whether you are on a laptop studying for an exam, or on your tablet taking part in an exercise class. For more information on attending online learning with Aspire Cloud and the courses we have available, please go to our website or email [email protected]

From your sofa, favourite coffee shop or anywhere you choose

If you are looking for the ultimate in flexible learning where you control the when, where and how of what you learn then our Distance Learning programmes might be the thing for you. Our distance learning courses provide you with your own paper and online workbook, an online portal to submit your work and access to a tutor to support your learning. Following an induction meeting with your allocated tutor, your course can normally be completed within 15 weeks – without burning the midnight oil! We offer a wide range of courses at Level 2 – GCSE equivalent level of study and now also some select subjects at Level 3 – A-Level study equivalent. These courses form a fantastic introduction to a subject area for personal development or can be used as part of continuous professional development to enhance and support your career pathway.

With such a range of flexible options designed to suit any learning style or circumstances and fit in with increasingly busy lifestyles, there really is no better time to invest in yourself, learn a new skill and discover what else you are capable of.

Aspire Sussex. Building Brighter Communities.

Aspire Sussex Adult Education GCSE Results Summer 2021

Aspire Sussex students, staff and trustees are celebrating a successful set of GCSE results.

This year’s students worked extremely hard in difficult circumstances but despite it all they’ve achieved some fantastic results.

Our students achieved a 96% pass rate for Maths & an 86% pass rate for English with grades 4+ and a 48% pass rate for Maths & an 65.9% pass rate for English with grades 5+

We are very proud of every student who comes to study English and Maths with us at Aspire as it often takes them a lot of courage to come through the door and study a subject that they may have struggled with at school. Our experienced tutors, small classes and additional support enables students to reach their learning goals as an adult. Students join for many reasons, but often to enable them to make a career change or to better support their children in their studies.

Hear from a few of our past students in these blog posts below:

Sarah – English and Maths GCSE

Tom – English GCSE

If you, like us, have been inspired by our students’ achievements it isn’t too late to enrol on an English or Maths qualification this year, starting this September across West Sussex. Please visit our website www.aspiresussex.org.uk or call 0345 601 0161 for more information. Places are free, subject to eligibility requirements.

Student Spotlight – Tom

Student Spotlight! Meet Tom who received his GCSE English result today. Congratulations from us on a job well done.

How do you feel today having received your result?

✔️ I feel extremely happy and satisfied. It’s been a long time coming and well worth the wait which has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

What motivated you to join the course?

✔️ I wanted a change of career and the career I want to go into requires GCSE English.

What plans do you have next?

✔️ I was/am also studying Maths at the same time with Aspire Sussex so I plan on working towards achieving my GCSE in that.

How did you find the experience of having your entire course delivered online?

✔️ At first I felt slightly apprehensive being the youngest person on the course however the teacher made everyone feel extremely welcome along with the rest of the class. I found the entire course and learning to be very effective and valuable when we’ve been put in small groups in breakout rooms and also reviewing PowerPoint slides each week.

What would you say to someone who is considering taking a GCSE course with Aspire next year?

✔️ Whatever stage of life you’re at, never stop learning and pursue your dreams. No lesson is always the same and you always learn something new. 

Student Spotlight – Sarah

Student Spotlight! Meet Sarah who received her GCSE English and Maths results today. Congratulations from us on a job well done.

How do you feel today having received your result?

✔️ Fantastic, I am so pleased. Particularly about English, I just loved the whole course.

What motivated you to join the course?

✔️ I left school before my exams many years ago, I regretted it. I was convinced I could never complete the maths, as previously struggled. English was different as have always enjoyed it, although was keen to develop how I wrote and make better sense of what I was reading.

What plans do you have next?

✔️ Some creative writing perhaps, possible A Level English at some point. I need to wait until I conclude an MBA in Strategic Leadership next year.

How did you find the experience of having your entire course delivered online?

✔️ Online teaching made a big difference for me, it was accessible, engaging and I felt motivated and supported despite the virtual element. It was a relaxed and fun way to learn including the formal requirements of the GCSE curriculum.

What would you say to someone who is considering taking a GCSE course with Aspire next year?

✔️ I would say do it, the teaching is nothing short of excellent, the groups I was in were friendly and welcoming. I felt really supported to do my very own best each week, and motivated all the way through. There is a skill to getting the best out of people and how they learn as an individual, or in a group, and that is what I experienced each week.

Littlehampton Centre Closure

Following an amazing ten years, at the end of July our time in The Learning Shop, Littlehampton is coming to an end due to the termination of our lease. However, whilst we may be moving out of the Learning Shop, we are by no means moving on from Littlehampton and its communities.

In the immediate future, learners will still be able to access our Adult Education courses in community venues across West Sussex, within our dedicated training centres or from the comfort of their own home with many courses available through our Online Learning platform. We are committed to ensuring that Adult Education remains accessible to all across the community. We are constantly looking at new venues and opportunities across the region to ensure that we continue to deliver on that goal.

It has been a pleasure and privilege supporting thousands of local learners in their personal development. We thank all of our learners and the local community for allowing us to be a part of their lives and look forward to welcoming future students, either online or in person at one of our many venues.

Father’s Day Hobby Gifts

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Gift him a course about his favourite hobby or a workshop teaching him a skill he’s been interested in learning! We offer online and in person courses in a wide range of languages, art, crafts and photography courses but we’ve picked out some of our favourites to highlight! Click on the course details for more information and to book today!

Woodcarving: Mixed Ability (L0912XC20)

Wednesdays, starting 23rd June 2021 for 5 weeks, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Shoreham Academy, £76.50

Photography Walks – Exploring with Purpose (H0950CD20)

Thursdays, starting 24th June 2021 for 3 weeks, 10:30am – 1:00pm
Drill Hall, Horsham, £57.50*

Watercolour Painting in the Park

Friday 25th June 2021 for 1 session, 11:00am – 4:00pm
Petworth Park, £63.11

The Art of Pen, Ink and Wash

Saturday 26th June 2021 for 1 session, 11:00am – 4:00pm
Petworth Park, £56.86

*Concessions are available for this course, see the course details for more information.

Preparing for Work in Brighton and Hove

We are happy to announce that Brighton and Hove City Council and Aspire Sussex have partnered to bring residents of Brighton and Hove the opportunity to attend FREE courses to support you in your journey to work. 

Currently, the upcoming Skills Booster courses are all online, but we will be putting on in-person courses later in the summer. We will be updating the course page regularly with new courses but if you are interested in attending an in-person course, please contact us on [email protected] to be notified when these courses are available.

Our Skills Booster courses will develop lifelong skills to aid you in the workplace and in your everyday life, including digital literacy, self-confidence and CV writing!

Enhance your learning with a Distance Learning course

Clare has recently finished our Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health Distance Learning course and has found that it has supported her role working with Primary school aged children, helped within her home life and has helped her consider taking on a new career.

I have really enjoyed this course. The content has been of great interest and of a suitable and sufficient depth to enhance my learning, and support my role working with primary children. I also have two children aged 10 and 13, and the course has at times, instigated reflection on my own parenting and challenges. I am considering a career in teaching (currently working as a teaching assistant) so this course has provided a good foundation of knowledge. Whilst my previous employment has always been focused on adult mental health, this course has helped me understand the mental health challenges for younger children.

I am a great believer in developing positivity, resilience, and mental wellbeing and this course has helped me cement my knowledge and understanding and provide real structure as to how this can be further accomplished.

Find out more and enrol on our FREE Level 2 Distance Learning courses today, with nine new courses now available, on our Distance Learning page.