We are offering certain employment, wellbeing and life skills focused courses free to anyone accessing certain means tested benefits and to those able to claim on our Low Wage Learner offer! 

Our Free* Skills for Work and Life courses are designed to help you develop skills such as job interviewing, study skills, or confidence building, to help you move onto the next life step you want to achieve, whether that be returning to education, a new career path or developing skills you have always wanted!

We’re currently planning our provision for the 2022/2023 so keep an eye out for updates! If you would like to be emailed with updates, please sign up to our Learner Bulletin.

*These courses are only FREE for those on means tested benefits and low wage learners (those who earn under £18,525.00 per annum). Please contact us for more information on the price for those not on means tested benefits or low income. Please visit our Community Learning Courses page for more information on concessions and funding opportunities.