Do you know someone who wants to learn English like Hasan?

Photo of HasanHasan, a published author and originally from Bulgaria, is currently studying Functional Skills English for English For Speakers of Other Languages with Aspire Sussex. We recently asked him a few questions about why he had chosen to do this course and his experience so far.

“I have always been interested in languages, I like learning about the life and culture of the people I live with. Once in the UK, I decided to improve my English because this is important to my integration. In the first years, I worked hard and strived to have a maximum adaptation to life and work conditions. In the year 2018 when I was surfing on the internet, I found the Aspire Sussex website. I understood that the organization offers more and various courses and decided to apply for an English course. I see now that it has been the right decision.
I emailed and the answer of the Aspire administrator was kind and helpful. I applied and passed my entry assessment. After it, I have explained that I need a course that will give me more practical skills in my life and a better realization of the labour market. The assessor well understood my needs. Aspire Sussex offered me a course ‘Functional Skills English’.

My goal with Aspire is to improve my language skills. In general, I think that language learning is not an easy process. It takes time but the course allows me step by step to climb up to my goal. Even more, I upgrade my knowledge about the country and its culture. I am trying to make my things in English based also on the new knowledge I am receiving with each lesson. This is my attempt for transferring my skills. It is not easy and is a relatively slow process for now. My background in the UK is also important for the process of improving my skills. I am a member of Bognor Regis Local History Society and The English Place-Name Society they represent my main fields of interest. My language education at Aspire gives me support and additional motivation to be involved in social activities.

I have been impressed that the lessons are not routine, on the contrary, they are living with much fun. The presented knowledge is with practical usage. Although the course is in the evenings and a working person is tired, I feel excited. I often have opportunities to discuss interesting topics that give me knowledge but also energy to run away from the routine of everyday life. The most important factor for all described above is my tutor with her experience, specific approaches, patience, good organizing skills, and helpful always. I am improving my language skills at Aspire although not so faster I wish. As well as, I started to practice my new knowledge in the fields of my interests.

‘Functional Skills English’ is a course that covers the famous sentence “Non scholae sed vitae discimus” it gives knowledge for Life that all of us need.”