Keep Your Mind Busy

If you’re bored and are looking for activities to fill your day and keep your mind busy, take a look at the ideas below. Got more ideas? Share them on our social media pages.

Learn something new
> We’re currently exploring how many of our courses can be offered online so we hope to see you in our virtual classes very soon! Keep an eye out for an email or social media post announcing this new provision. We plan to start something after Easter. In the meantime, why not take a look at our current range of online and distance learning options. To see these courses visit our Distance Learning page.

Stay Connected
> Make plans to video chat with the people you’d normally see in person, if video isn’t your style communicate through phone calls, instant messages or texts.
> You could write letters and find yourself a penpal. There is a whole host of people you could write to nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, armed forces and individuals abroad. If this interests you, you can do a Google Search for Penpals and find the one that suits you.

Plant some flowers
> Bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical well being by improving your mood, reducing feelings of stress and anger and making you feel more relaxed.
> If you are able to buy seeds, flowers or plants online for delivery why not introduce some welcome colour to your house or garden and plant some flowers. With the sun starting to emerge, it is the perfect time to get out in the garden and watch your flowers bloom.

Get crafty and creative
> Let your creative juice flow. Start your own arts and crafts challenge, from sketching and mindful colouring to pottery, knitting or embroidery. Stuck for ideas? 64 Million Artists have some great suggestions to get you started.
> How many pictures do you have stored on your phone or computer? Turn those treasured memories into a photo album or scrapbook. You can either print your photos off at home to create your photo album from scratch or there are many online services that will let you create a wonderful photo album/scrap book for a fee.
> Up-cycling is a great way to bring new life to your old pieces of furniture. A lick of paint, maybe some new upholstery, a dash of wallpaper and your pieces could look completely different.

Switch up your entertainment
> Although libraries are closed for the time being, some libraries have apps that you can use online. These allow you to borrow eBooks, audio books or magazines from home for free if you are a library member. You can also pay to download books via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle and more. Find a service that suits you and you could read thousands of books ranging from biographies and cookbooks to magazines and best-seller books that have recently been released.
> How many films and TV shows have you missed that you you’ve been dying to catching up on. Now is your chance, if you want more of a range than is offered on the TV there are several subscription services you can sign up to that will offered you a whole host of films and TV shows, many of which offer a free trial before you get start paying.
> If you want to get your eyes off of a screen, why not tackle a tricky jigsaw puzzle or put your brain to the test with crosswords, Sudoku, word search and more.
> If you live with several people, gather together and play board games. There are hundreds of board games from the classic Monopoly to more unique games like ‘Escape Room In A Box’.

Clean and declutter
> Dedicate some of your time and attention to declutter your home. Search through your home for items that are broken and damaged, that don’t fit you anymore or simply just don’t work for your current style. This is a great way of finding old favourites that might have been stashed away and makes organisation a breeze once you’re done.