Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight – Sarah

Student Spotlight! Meet Sarah who received her GCSE English and Maths results today. Congratulations from us on a job well done.

How do you feel today having received your result?

✔️ Fantastic, I am so pleased. Particularly about English, I just loved the whole course.

What motivated you to join the course?

✔️ I left school before my exams many years ago, I regretted it. I was convinced I could never complete the maths, as previously struggled. English was different as have always enjoyed it, although was keen to develop how I wrote and make better sense of what I was reading.

What plans do you have next?

✔️ Some creative writing perhaps, possible A Level English at some point. I need to wait until I conclude an MBA in Strategic Leadership next year.

How did you find the experience of having your entire course delivered online?

✔️ Online teaching made a big difference for me, it was accessible, engaging and I felt motivated and supported despite the virtual element. It was a relaxed and fun way to learn including the formal requirements of the GCSE curriculum.

What would you say to someone who is considering taking a GCSE course with Aspire next year?

✔️ I would say do it, the teaching is nothing short of excellent, the groups I was in were friendly and welcoming. I felt really supported to do my very own best each week, and motivated all the way through. There is a skill to getting the best out of people and how they learn as an individual, or in a group, and that is what I experienced each week.