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Gelli Plate Printing

This course can be booked online.




09:30 - 11:30


2 hours x 4 sessions

Learn how to use a gelli plate to create amazing mono prints.

Each print is unique. The tutor will guide you through the equipment required. She will then demonstrate how to ink and pull a print. You will then explore the use of different itmes to create positive and negative prints.

Later in the course you will experiment with creating your own paper stencils and building a multi layer print.

Printmaking at Home: An Introduction

This course can be booked online.




13:00 - 15:00


2 hours x 9 sessions

A basic guide to printmaking practices, that can be reproduced in the home without the need for expensive equipment or space: monotypes, lino-cutting and kitchen lithography

Create and reprint editions; explore a range of drawing techniques; make a gift; make seasonal greeting cards.