Word and Word Processing

Microsoft Word: Improvers


Burgess Hill


13:00 - 15:00


2 hours x 5 sessions

In the instance of a Government imposed lockdown if this course cannot be moved to online it will be paused until it is able to begin again. No refunds will be made due to a Government imposed lockdown.
This course is a Learning for Work course and will provide you with the opportunity to learn skills such as:
Use advanced formatting to improve the look of a Word document (text effects and smart art)
Produce documents with pictures, shapes and Word Art
Re-size, move, rotate and crop pictures in Word documents
Lay out information using tabs and tables

Typical activities for this course
Create a SmartArt Image
Improve the appearance of documents using text Effects and formatting
Copy images from the internet and place in Word Documents
Manipulate the images, resize, crop, move, rotate images
Create a table of data for Work such as a work Rota
Continue to work on CV and discuss employability skills