Our English courses are taught in a friendly and supportive environment by tutors experienced in helping students achieve their learning goal. We offer a range of courses progressing up to GCSE.

Don’t feel daunted! We do an initial assessment before each course to ensure we start you at the right level. To find out information about our assessments on our assessment page, call us on 0345 601 0161 or email enquiries@aspiresussex.org.uk.

GCSE English Intensive Course.
This is a new course this year which will start in January 2021 and be held online, Tuesday and Thursday.
Students must be available to attend both sessions each week until the exams in late May/June 2021.
Entry to the course is by assessment only and there are assessments to be held on Tuesday 27th October online and Wed 28th October online, please call us on 0345 601 0161 to book your assessment.

At present our online courses can only be accessed in the UK and some courses are restricted to residents of West Sussex (please enquire for details).