Family Learning

Your child’s best teacher is you! Do you want to give your child the best start but find home schooling a bit of a struggle? Are the methods used in schools to teach Maths and English a mystery to you? Do you want to feel more confident to support a child’s development? Or maybe you want to volunteer or work in a school or preschool setting but don’t know where to start?

Aspire Sussex Family Learning is for you if you are:
– a parent, grandparent or carer who wants to support a child’s learning
– volunteering or working in a school or preschool setting, or thinking about this type of work
– thinking about developing your own skills for your own future plans

Home schooling is something that many of us are tackling right now, and it is not easy to juggle this on top of everything else in family life. This is where we can help you!

Sometimes it is easy to forget that children actually spend a lot less time at school than they do at home, so everything you can do as a parent, carer or grandparent to support any type of learning and development in their early years and throughout school all helps.

Family Learning will help you to feel confident in yourself and your skills and improve and celebrate those skills that you didn’t even realise you had! We have a team of friendly, understanding and experienced tutors with a range of resources, workshops and courses available in our specialist subjects to enable you to explore how children learn at home and at school.

If you would like a say in our Family Learning programme, please fill in our Aspire Sussex Family Learning Survey. This will inform out planning of courses, both online and face to face once we are allowed. It will take about ten minutes to complete and the information we collect will be invaluable to both ourselves and the schools we work in partnership with. No personal information is shared.

You can find more information on our full range of Family Learning Courses in our Family Learning Factsheet

At present our online courses can only be accessed in the UK and some courses are restricted to residents of West Sussex (please enquire for details).