Carers Support: Introduction to Mindfulness

This course can be booked online.


Aspire Cloud


10:30 - 12:30


2 hours x 1 session

This course is being offered as a FREE* two hour introductory session to Mindfulness. Many of us live our lives in the past or the future and miss out on so much. Mindfulness is the art of being fully present ‘in the moment’ and being aware of what is going on for us both internally and externally. In this session the tutor will introduce you to what Mindfulness is and how it benefits us; you will learn how to be fully present in the moment; become aware of what is going on within your bodies both internally and externally and look at the different ways it can be practiced.
*This course is FREE for those on means tested benefits and low wage learners (those who earn under £17,004 per annum). Please visit our Community Learning Courses page for more information on concessions and funding opportunities.