Ways To Access Learning

Your Learning, Your Way.

At Aspire Sussex, we’re passionate about ensuring that everyone, no matter what their starting point, circumstances or location, has the opportunity to access learning to improve their lives. Whether you chose to learn for personal development, career progression or wellbeing, we are proud to be able to offer a range of options to help how and where you learn. The three main learning routes that we can offer to support learning are as follows:

Alongside your tutor and classmates in person

At Aspire Sussex, we pride ourselves on providing classroom based learning that supports people in our communities across West Sussex and surrounding areas. We offer our own dedicated delivery centres in Bognor Regis, Burgess Hill, Chichester, Crawley and Worthing, equipped to deliver the full range of courses we offer. In addition, to ensure everyone has access to learning no matter where they live, we also deliver courses in community centres, schools, churches, workplaces and business parks. Our classroom delivery provides the opportunity to not only learn new skills but to also develop your social networks, meet likeminded individuals with a shared passion, and have direct debate and discussion with expert, qualified tutors.

Learn Online through the Aspire Cloud

The Aspire Cloud is our bespoke online learning platform that provides you, your fellow students and our tutors a place to meet, learn and collaborate on work and study from your screen at home or wherever you can connect through the internet. For those new to learning online, we’ve created useful guides and resources to help you get onto your course whether you are on a laptop studying for an exam, or on your tablet taking part in an exercise class. For more information on attending online learning with Aspire Cloud and the courses we have available, please go to our website or email [email protected]

From your sofa, favourite coffee shop or anywhere you choose

If you are looking for the ultimate in flexible learning where you control the when, where and how of what you learn then our Distance Learning programmes might be the thing for you. Our distance learning courses provide you with your own paper and online workbook, an online portal to submit your work and access to a tutor to support your learning. Following an induction meeting with your allocated tutor, your course can normally be completed within 15 weeks – without burning the midnight oil! We offer a wide range of courses at Level 2 – GCSE equivalent level of study and now also some select subjects at Level 3 – A-Level study equivalent. These courses form a fantastic introduction to a subject area for personal development or can be used as part of continuous professional development to enhance and support your career pathway.

With such a range of flexible options designed to suit any learning style or circumstances and fit in with increasingly busy lifestyles, there really is no better time to invest in yourself, learn a new skill and discover what else you are capable of.

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