The ‘All About Me’ project provides one-to-one coaching and group workshops, currently online due to Covid-19, to support participants and their families, that are furthest away from education or employment, to take steps towards or into education or employment. The team work with individuals to support them in multiple ways this includes addressing barriers, for example, health, learning, family dynamics, motivation and confidence building.

Quote from a participant

“It gave me comfort, strength and a gentle shove to get me motivated”.

Quote from a participant

“I have very low confidence and self-esteem. The team are so encouraging and supportive in helping me realise and understand that my goals can be achieved. I really can’t thank them enough in helping me on my journey”

We work closely with partners and their clients, offering a collaborative approach to help them progress on their journey toward or into education or employment.

Quotes from two of our partners

“Aspire’s All About Me team plays a vital role in ensuring people are ‘interview ready’ when they are referred to Arun Business Partnership”

“Thanks again so much for all your work on the recent Aspire All About Me course in Chichester CFC. We’ve had such good feedback about the course from those parents participating”


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Introducing the ‘Even Superheroes Need A Dad’ campaign by the ‘All About Me’ project. This campaign is an extension of our project to open up opportunities to engage dads.

In every story the hero has someone in the background who has their back. Batman has his best friend Alfred Pennyworth who serves as a moral anchor. James Bond has Q who provides the tools and strategies for him to succeed. Now you can have the backup of the ‘All About Me’ team so you can have the tools, strategies, and moral anchor to help your superhero succeed.

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Are you asking the question, what about me, I’m not a dad? Don’t worry we can support you too! If you have been out of work for more than 12 months, live between Chichester and Worthing. Take a look at our case studies to see how we have supported individuals to move closer to work and learning so far.

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The ‘All About Me’ project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.

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