Yoga Step 1: Foundations for Strong Health (M0842CD21)


Marle Place, Burgess Hill


11:30 - 13:30


2 hours x 5 sessions

To be confirmed

03456 01 01 61

Cost breakdown

Tuition fee£65.00
Total cost£65.00


Concessions available if you are: 65 or over or on a means tested benefit (evidence required)

What is the course about?

In the instance of a Government imposed lockdown if this course cannot be moved to online it will be paused until it is able to begin again. No refunds will be made due to a Government imposed lockdown.

An Introduction to developing positive habits in nutrition, movement, breathing, self-awareness and enjoyment.
Yoga approaches health from an all-round perspective. This course will give you an overview of 5 areas of our lives which contribute fundamentally to creating, maintaining and restoring good overall health. All of these are addressed by yoga:
• Nutrition
• A physical practice of postures
• Working with our breath
• Developing self-awareness that enables positive, well-informed choices
• A sense of purpose and enjoyment
Each session will outline the basic tenets of one of these five aspects of health, invite you to explore your own relationship to it, and from session 2 onwards will include simple, accessible yoga posture and breathing practices. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to record your most relevant experience and insight from the presentations and practice and perhaps implement a small change in your daily life to support your health.
At the end of the course you will have an experience and understanding of which area of your health might need your attention and will be guided to further course options that will offer the opportunity to develop the skills to support those areas of your health in more detail.

What previous experience, knowledge or qualifications do I need for this course?


What do I need to bring with me?

For this course you are invited to bring an interest in learning and an openness of mind to try something new and perhaps make some small changes in your life to benefit your health. In practical terms, for the first session all you need to bring is a pen. In addition, for all subsequent session you will need a non-slip mat to practice some simple yoga movements on and a blanket to keep you warm. You may also want to bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Are there any additional costs?


What can I do next?

From here you can move on to any other Yoga Step 2 course that you are interested in or feels appropriate for you to continue with. Alternatively you can also choose to move on to a Nutrition course, a Counselling course or any other Recreational course within Aspire.
If you would like more information about enrolling on a course with us, please speak to your tutor or by phone us on 0345 601 01 61. You can also visit us on

Course Location

Marle Place
Leylands Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 8HZ